My Mother’s Day Revelation


I don’t remember ever finding Mother’s Day so difficult. I think it is harder this year because my husband is travelling which means I’m a little lonely, church always makes a big deal of honouring mothers on Mother’s Day (which is a good thing), oh and the fact that it is splashed all over Facebook, so I can’t just forget about it and act like it is any other day.

I took myself off to church today and  there my Pastor preached from Romans 2:7 which says:

…to those who by patience in well-doing seek for glory and honour and immortality, he will give eternal life…

The purpose of this sermon was to encourage us to have Godly ambitions and allow our own ambitions to be “ruined” by Jesus (our sermon series on Romans is called A Life Ruined for Jesus). It made me think about how my ambitions have been ruined by Jesus. My ambition was to be a mother and that ambition has been utterly ruined by Jesus, stopped dead in its tracks. But more than just having ambitions ruined by Jesus, Pastor Mark preached that as Christians our ambitions should bring glory to God, honour to others and always focus on an eternal outcome. When I reflect on my ambitions to be a mother I cannot help by wonder whether I was truly seeking to give glory to God, honour to others and aiming for an eternal outcome? I don’t think I did. I think my ambition to be a mother was to bring glory and honour to myself as a “mother” because thats what I wanted, and I did not have an eternal aim but sought to make myself happy in this life. 

The life I live now is completely different and my ambitions have been completely disrupted and ruined by God. I have new ambitions to spend my life working for God, preaching the Good News of Christ, bringing glory to Him, honouring others, seeking to see people come into salvation and freedom that only Christ can offer and ultimately my focus all of my energies on the building up of God’s kingdom so that more people will experience the joy of an everlasting life with Christ. 

Do I no longer want children? No, I long for them everyday but I give that longing to God, trusting for his will in my life, taking up my cross and following Christ. For the path that God has laid before me is far more significant than just fulfilling my desires and making me feel happy for a moment in this life, my joy is made fully complete in living a life for Christ, carrying out his plans that are far more precious and everlasting than mine. 

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