Bible in One Year App



Though it is nearing the end of the year but I feel compelled to tell you about this great “Bible in One Year” app I have been working through over the last few months. It was put together by the very wise and Holy-Spirit anointed Nicky Gumbel. Every day Nicky leads subscribers through the bible, with a psalm or proverb, and readings from the New and the Old Testament scriptures. Nicky provides teaching on each of the passages and has this fantastic way of always neatly tying the readings together through a daily theme. What I have found amazing about this app is how many times the Holy Spirit has spoken to me and taught me through Nicky’s words. So often the readings and teaching is exactly what I’ve needed that day, whether it be comforting or challenging. Friends of mine who use the app have commented on experiencing the same thing; it is clear that God is working through this app Nicky has developed. I encourage you to check it out and see for yourself. I have found that to be guided systematically through the scriptures, discovering new and wonderful insights on a daily basis has been such a pleasure and I have no doubt you’ll enjoy this app as much as I have! 

Find Nicky Gumbel’s Bible In One Year in the iTunes app store or at

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