A heart that wants to soar with Jesus

I recently was given the image of soaring with Jesus and my heart sung with joy as I imagined myself soaring with Jesus, like on the wings of an eagle. For many years my heart’s desire has been that God would use me. My desire is that I would be an ordinary girl doing extraordinary things for God. I am convinced that the God who raised Christ from the dead is moving powerfully in the world today and I desperately want to be a part of what He is doing in the world around me!  

I have kept a journal of all my thoughts, prayers, God-given revelations and lessons for more than ten years now as I’ve found it a helpful way to remember what God has done and is doing in my everyday life. Recently I’ve been thinking that maybe I should share those thoughts and revelations with you, because maybe what God is teaching me in my life will resonate with you and your situation. My prayer is that through the Holy Spirit, the Lord will use me to touch you, encourage you and strengthen you as you need. God Bless.

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